Script Error?

  jack 14:00 27 Nov 2003

Script Error.

I have a copy of the Sunday Times 2 CD set -Window on Life
I am running it on a Desktop PC 1.4g Athlone 256mb mem.
The disks run - sort off
But at start up I get the message
"Script Error"
Adobe Reader 6 is installed
What does that mean and is it important or do I need to do something to correct it?

  JIM 15:24 27 Nov 2003

Not sure why there is the Script Error unless your Window on Life cd is specifically set to run with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 (Provided on CD) "This i doubt very much"

You may have a bad/corrupt copy of a file in the Window on Life CD as there is a lot of MB on it.

You may not have had a perfect install of Adobe Reader 6 installed on your system,which may be the problem?

"OR the Window on Life cd is trying to cause a plain old software argument" :)

Suggest,you uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 (Temp like)---reboot,also to try and prove a point,install the Acrobat Reader 5.1 that come with the CD program. Reboot then run your Window on Life program.

If all is then well with no script error,suggest you then try updating your Reader 5.1 to
Reader 6. See how that goes.

(let install of Reader 6 take care of Reader 5.1. Would also suggest install from a CD for Acrobat Reader 6 if you have it.

Looks like an interesting program .Keeps you informed and on top of your "PUPILS" ?

"Info from site"

(if you skip the installation of the Adobe Acrobat reader, the program will run, but you will not be able to open the Worksheets available in the Teacher Information > Worksheets and Materials section.

If you have to install either or both plug-ins, we recommend you restart your computer before trying to run the Window on Life program.)

The installation files for both QuickTime and Adobe Acrobat can be found on the root of the CD. To locate these plug-ins quit the application, double-click on 'My Computer', right-click on the 'Window on Life' icon and select 'Explore'. The folders for each installer will then be displayed.

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