Screenshot shortcut key

  odb 01:06 05 Oct 2003


not sure if it exists but what is the key to take screenshots and have them auto save to a file? and how do i change where it saves to. or how do i make such a key shortcut?

using Windows XP home

Thanks :)

  powerless 01:13 05 Oct 2003

"Prt Scr Sys Rq" key.

It stores the image in the clipboard.

Not sure about changing where it is stored or even saving it as a file.

I think a third party would be needed there.

  Djohn 02:52 05 Oct 2003

As Powerless says, click the "Print-screen" and the image will be saved to your clipboard. Open an application, "Word" or "Paint and from the Edit button on the tool bar, choose "Paste". You can also right click on your mouse and choose paste from there.

Now that you have your image open, click on "File" and choose "Save" or "Save as" and save it to a folder of your choice, or print it out. j.

  Pesala 08:00 05 Oct 2003

It is small enough to keep running always in the background, and you can setup a shortcut key to capture the screen . Whenever you press the shortcut key it will open with the captured screen or window. Then you can save it to a file.

It will remember the last used file format and directory, so if you're putting together help documentation with lots of shots of dialogue boxes it is quite handy.

I recommend saving screenshots in PNG or GIF format. JPG is not good for images containing text as it makes the text blurred.

  Pesala 08:32 05 Oct 2003

I just discovered there is an option to save the screenshot directly into a directory of your choice without opening the image in Irfan View.

  BurrWalnut 08:45 05 Oct 2003

If you hold down alt before pressing print screen you will get just the one window not the whole screen.

  Chris the Ancient 13:04 05 Oct 2003

A bit of a BTW comment...

I'd heard of Irfanview in the past and not given it much thought.

Having read this thread and seeing how useful it can be, I've downloaded it.



  canard 13:22 05 Oct 2003

You'll be very pleased you did Chris the A.

  SEASHANTY 13:26 05 Oct 2003


  AubreyS 13:29 05 Oct 2003

I have some freeware to do the job. It will let you capture a part of the desktop, a selected window or the entire desktop. If you want it, email me as I can't remember where I got it from.

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