STEVE71163 14:17 01 Mar 2003

I generally turn my computer on about 6am and turn it off around 11pm as i am in and out at different times of the day printing off invoices etc. Is it ok to leave the computer on screensaver all day as i dont like turning the computer on and off all day? I use the coral screensaver which is quite cpu intensive. Do you think it is better to turn on and turn off?


  Djohn 14:25 01 Mar 2003

Fine to leave a screen saver on, but as you have pointed out, the coral screen saver Is CPU intensive, and tends to run your graphic card quite hard, even increases the temperature by 2 or 3 degrees. Maybe a less intensive one will be better. J.

  STEVE71163 14:32 01 Mar 2003

Thanks for replying Djohn. Thats what i was wondering as the cpu temperature goes from about 44c to about 52c after a few hours of use and i dont want to put the pc under any undue pressure so perhaps i would be better using another screensaver.

  tenor 14:59 01 Mar 2003

Talking of screensavers,is it necessary to run one on a tft?

  Bagsey 15:00 01 Mar 2003

Just a quick thought. My old 166 pentium has been running on my desk for 5 years now without ever being switched off. It has a copy of microsoft scenes which runs photos as a screen saver. I can not detect any deterioration in its perfomance. I must get a new CMOS battery one of these days then I willl be able to switch the machine off. :)

  polymath 15:37 01 Mar 2003

I thought no type of modern monitor needed a screensaver, but please correct me, someone, if I'm wrong! Even if they needed them, wouldn't the default black screen in sleep mode do the job?

I haven't bothered with a screensaver, fun though they are, since the United Devices cancer research one disagreed with my system (probably a resources problem).

I suppose some could help the thinking process, if you stop to do a lot of it seated at the computer!

  spuds 15:55 01 Mar 2003

It was the older monitors that were a problem to some people. The later or latest monitors have better protection, so I would not bother to much about screensavers.The monitor that I have is set to switch off screen activity after 10 minutes.I let return to the computer,touch the mouse and the monitor comes to life.Just great.Some people prefare screensavers, and a very wide selection are available as free downloads.

  Djohn 16:02 01 Mar 2003

spuds, is correct, monitors made in the past few years do not need screen savers at all, and are used mainly for entertainment.

  STEVE71163 20:05 01 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone for your replies. I will change over to another screensaver.

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