Screensaver won't start in XP

  tombrew 11:44 28 Jan 2006


I have just bought a new PC off Dell but after a few weeks have noticed my screensaver doesn't start. I've checked all obvious settings and they seem ok. I've not installed any new screensavers and am just using an XP default one. If anyone can help i would be very gratefull. I've also checked the regedit and settings seem ok. I can attach screen print to a thread if you could show me how! Thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 12:12 28 Jan 2006

Make sure it isn't set to "None" & If all the settings are OK Try running a system file check. Start/Run/Type sfc /scannow (watch the space between sfc and /) you will need the recovery disc gave yo. If it asks for the XP disc put it in and press OK.
I hope this helps to solve your problem.

  pj123 15:22 28 Jan 2006

Why do you feel you need a Screensaver?

My computer just sits on my Desktop, or my Internet Home page or even the PCA homepage when it is idle.

Colour monitors do not suffer from "burn-in" like the old mono monitors did so technically there is no need to run a Screensaver.

  tombrew 19:10 28 Jan 2006

Yes it is definately set to on. I have reinstalled the monitor driver too now as the 'shutdown monitor afer... mins' doesn't seem to work either. I have run the scan but have no disk to insert when it asks for one! Got kind of stuck there! I just like the idea of a screensaver to keep things interesting really. Nothing to do with saving the screen but thanks for the info.

  Bagsey 19:32 28 Jan 2006

I stopped using my screen saver but before I did I was finding that it was erratic in that it would stop working for no apparant reason. I would do the usual of going to the menu and re clicking the screensaver off and on . Then it would work ok for several days before it started to act up again. I reckon there is a bug in the system which comes into play after a period of being ok. But really its not worth worrying about its not going cause you any grief.Even our school machines do the same.

  Wuggy 20:22 28 Jan 2006

If you go to Start/Programs/Dell there is a link there to a Dell utility to allow you to make what is virtually a Windows XP disk. The program uses files already on your PC including the i386 file. It is a 'one time only' program. In other words once you have burnt the CD the program is automatically deleted from your PC. As far as I am aware this disk can then be inserted in your PC when asked for the WinXP disk. Hope this helps.

  Wuggy 21:17 28 Jan 2006

The Dell OS Recovery Utility allows the creation of ONE operating system CD. This means that you can make one Windows® CD for backup purposes.
NOTE: If you have not created your backup CD you should take the time to create the CD and store it in a safe place now.
You will need a blank CD-R disc and a CD-R/W or DVD-R/W drive installed on your Dell computer to complete the steps below.

Click the Start button on your Windows desktop.
Click All Programs, Dell Accessories, and then Dell OS Recovery CD.
If you have a portable computer, plug in the AC adapter.
Click the OK button.
The Dell Software License Agreement window appears.
Read the license agreement and then click to select Yes, I accept if you agree to the terms.
Click the Next button.
A Welcome message appears prompting you to place a blank CD-R disc into your writeable drive.
Place a blank CD-R disc into your writeable drive if you have not already done so and click the Next button.
The program will create your backup OS Recovery CD.
NOTE: The program can take up to 30 minutes to create your backup disc.

When the backup disc is complete a Congratulations! message appears.

Remove the CD-R disc from the writeable drive and label it Windows Operating System Backup CD.
Click the Finish button.
Congratulations! You have successfully created your Windows operating system backup CD. Store the CD in a safe and easy to find location.

  Legolas 21:24 28 Jan 2006

I found this on another site

I too had a problem with my screensaver not starting up after the specified interval. What was even crazier was that there were times when I'd reboot my desktop and the problem would magically correct itself. Unfortunately a short time later the issue would re-appear. I was at the point of checking into Bellevuew until I caught the solution on this thread.

The solution indicated was "there was a problem with my mouse wheel" or something to that effect.

Now, I have a wireless mouse and I got to thinking: "What if the radio signal from the mouse was fooling my computer into thinking there was activity even though the mouse was not physically being moved?" Lo and behold, once I moved the wireless mouse out of range of the receiver connected to one of my computer's USB ports, my screensaver was back to normal!!

It's a funny thing because in almost every forum I visted to get advice on this problem, someone was mentioning stuff about video drivers and monitors etc, etc. I'm sure that in some cases these things could be factors, but I couldn't believe that the answer in most cases was gonna be that complicated.

Computer's sure are picky sons of bitches. However, one good thing came out of all this razza-a-ma-tazz: I now have a sneaky way to remotely disable my screensaver functionality without actually changing anything in the desktop properties.

I hope that this post helps others out there who are wrestling with their sreensavers!

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