ScreenSaver Query.

  Petopjasp 12:11 18 Oct 2003

I like to leave my PC on all the time and as such my screen saver is on all night is this ok?

  rioboy 12:19 18 Oct 2003

Its OK but you would save on your electric if you went into Power Options and got your screen,hard drive etc to turn off after a certain period of time.

  Petopjasp 12:21 18 Oct 2003

I have tried to do this but my monitor doesn't switch off after the time stated and I can only assume that the rest doesn't work either!

  rioboy 12:24 18 Oct 2003

Yeah I have the same problem . It started when I installed a cordless keyboard and mouse. I'm sure there's a way round it but I haven't bothered to pursue it. I turn the PC on first thing in morning and off last thing at night!!

  graham√ 12:31 18 Oct 2003

You don't say what O/S you are using, but if it's XP you will have a standby mode. There will be a key with a moon symbol.

  rioboy 14:01 18 Oct 2003

Hey thanks graham√, I know the reply wasn't directly for me but the moon key works. Thanks for that!!

  Legolas 14:06 18 Oct 2003

With todays monitors screensavers are mostly for show as the problem of pixels being burnt onto the screen surface does not happen so you can leave your monitor/computer on for long periods with no adverse reactions so I would imagine leaving the monitor on using a screensaver would be ok.

  Legolas 14:08 18 Oct 2003

Have a look here click here

  vinnyT 14:21 18 Oct 2003

Why not just turn the monitor off via its switch, I've always done this with no problems (unlike when I try to use power save options, usually won't wake up, so gave up using this useful(?) feature)

  Petopjasp 15:06 18 Oct 2003

I will take a look at all you have suggested.

  Petopjasp 15:08 18 Oct 2003

Where is this key?

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