Screensaver put pc on standby and it's stuck!

  Sazzzer 14:46 05 Dec 2003

Please can someone give me some help for my Dad. He was looking at screensavers, thinking about changing his current one. He looked at one he thinks was called Visca Green Screensaver. Anyway, he decided NOT to put it on, carried on doing other stuff and within about 15mins, everything shut down. His monitor shows an orange light instead of a green one, like it is on standby, and there are no lights on his optical mouse or his keyboard, like they are switched off, and he gets no reponse from them. When he turns on the pc, he says it sounds as though it's starting up, but he can't tell for sure because the screen is blank. He has tried putting in his emergency A: disc, but nothing happens, and of course he hasn't got a monitor so he can't see any messages. I think his pc is a Celeron 500MHz, with Windows 98 running. Any suggestions and help would be brilliant, and we would be very grateful.

Thank you in advance.


  dave h 15:20 05 Dec 2003

My first thought would be to borrow another monitor and try the computer with that.

  Sazzzer 17:56 05 Dec 2003

OK, tried that Dave, second monitor comes up as if on standby also, same as his own monitor.

Dad took the battery off the motherboard, and put it back in (he's an impatient sod). PC came on as normal (yippee), but then when he switched it off and turned it on again, it was back on standby. I'm flumoxed!

Any ideas?


  Djohn 18:20 05 Dec 2003

See if you can get a display from safe mode. Boot up the PC and tap away at the F8 key, this will take you to a DOS screen and you can use the keyboard "arrow" keys to select safe mode. Click on the enter key and see if you can find anything in the screen saver/power options or device manager.

This is assuming that choosing safe mode will give you a display to work from. j.

  R4 19:43 05 Dec 2003

Try the battery trick again except press 'DEL' to enter the Bios and check the Power Management settings:: Disable 'Suspend Mode' then rebbot to Safe mode and remove the offending Screen Saver that caused the problem.

  R4 19:44 05 Dec 2003

Sorry rebbot should be Reboot

  hellred 18:26 06 Dec 2003

perhaps some malicious code was embedded in the sreen saver and dammaged the graphics card, by any chance a NVIDIA card ? If so you will need to try and reinstall the drivers and see if the PC comes back.

Here is how : on start / pres F8 repeatetly and choose save mode

if all is ok till then reinstall the driver and set the settings for the desktop/ reboot and lets see if that worked.

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