Screensaver freezes

  Enoch 16:50 22 Jan 2006

Does anybody have an answer to a minor problem that I am having. My screensaver comes on after three minutes of non use (as planned), but on returning to my PC, the screensaver freezes and it could take 5 minutes for my desktop to re-appear. I error check and defrag at least twice a month. I have Norton Firewall, anti-virus and Go-Back. I only have minimal start-up items. I am on WinXP home.

  pj123 18:11 22 Jan 2006

Why do you feel you need a screen saver in the first place?

  ade.h 22:00 22 Jan 2006

Have you tried using a more basic screensaver? Some of the fancy ones don't always run very well.

  onthebog 23:47 22 Jan 2006

Is it a pre-installed screensaver or one you installed or downloaded? I have come across some my PC didn't like. Try a different screensaver to see if the problem persists, or do what I do - turn the monitor off if you are away from it.

  Enoch 14:05 24 Jan 2006

Many apologies for the delay in replying to you guys. My ISP went down on Sunday and only recovered at mid-day today (Tuesday). I have not been able to get on-line until now.

pj123: I never use to turn my laptop off at all. I am of senior years and I was taught that way, and, that a screensaver saves the screen. I understand it now does not create problems if the desktop is left on.

ade.h and onthebog: The screensaver is a changing view of my grandkids. However, after the problem I did try the supplied views which gave me the same problem

  pj123 15:06 24 Jan 2006

Enoch, correct. I also am of senior years.

Screensavers were essential in the days of Mono monitors as it stopped "burn in". Modern day colour monitors do not suffer from burn in so there is no need for a screen saver.

  Enoch 10:28 01 Feb 2006

Thanks pj123, I thought that was the case, but it is good to find confirmation

  gudgulf 11:00 01 Feb 2006

I wonder if this is a case of having too little RAM memory on the system?

Open Taskmanager by rt clicking the task bar at the bottom of the screen and selecting Task Manager from the pop up click on the Performance tab.

Under "Physical Memory(k)" look at the figures for Total and Available.....and under "Commit Charge(k)" look at the values for Total and Peak.

Post the values here.

Is there plenty od space left on the hard drive?

Something else to try.....right click the desktop and click on properties.Select the Screen Saver tab and put a tick in the "On resume,display Welcome screen." box.

See if you get a delay returning from the screensaver to the Welcome screen too.

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