screensaver background colour

  conrail 11:26 26 May 2004

I have family living all over the world, ie europe, usa, new zealand and often receive photos via email and use them as a screensaver, but pictures shown against a black background, anybody know how to change the background colour please?

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 11:38 26 May 2004

Is this the slideshow screesaver?

  Smegs 11:40 26 May 2004

conrail, "but pictures shown against a black background". What do you mean by this? Can you expand abit please?

  johnnyrocker 12:21 26 May 2004

os? i think you may not be able to change it like one can in desktop but os is a good starting place.


  conrail 12:46 26 May 2004

sorry, I should have mentioned, this the slideshow screesaver? photos are shown against a black background, would like to change this background

  €dstowe 12:55 26 May 2004

The original idea of a screen saver was, in periods of non-use, to provide and ever changing electrical signal to prevent burnout of the phosphors on the screen. To be effective in this preventative action therefore, all static or blank areas of the screen (background) should receive no, or minimal, signal that is, appear black.

Screen burnout is not a problem in modern monitors and screen savers have no more real function and now just provide pretty pictures. However, philosophy of the sceen saver remains the same.

I tend to doubt that there is a method of doing what you require.

  Graham ® 13:16 26 May 2004

You could use a program such as Irfanview to 'stretch' the pictures to fill the screen.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 13:16 26 May 2004

As has been mentioned I do not think that the black is a colour in this case, just a blank screen with the pictures shown on it. The only settings are for the pictures not the background.

  conrail 13:19 26 May 2004

I appreciate your comments €dstowe, it is just a nice way to keep in touch with my family but was just hoping to change from black to something different

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