Screens turns black, but computer remains on.

  goggins.1 00:23 18 Dec 2016

I built my computer not long ago and have been experiencing some issues with the screen disconnecting, but the PC remains on, in addition to this, sometimes when restarting the computer, a white horizontal line will appear across the screen. The screen would shut off at random times and without warning, so after a while of trying to figure out what was up, I came to the conclusion it was the graphics card that was the problem (as when I plugged my screen into the mother board I had not issues what so ever. I did also try uninstalling and reinstalling my drivers for the graphics card, but that did not work either. I replaced my graphics card (for free) and had the same issue with the new graphics card (even after putting it in a different slot. So now I'm a bit stuck, thinking it has to be a software issue now (it can't be the mother board, otherwise I would still have issues, it's very doubtful both connectors and both graphics cards are damaged; and it's definitely not the cables or the screen). I have a Geforce GTX1060 MSI B150 PC MATE mother board I5 INTEL CORE Corsair 600W power supply ASUS gaming screen

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