Screening for speaker wires

  Kase 21:00 20 Feb 2004

I would like to purchase some screening to stop electric mains interference on my creative speakers. Any ideas please.


  obbit 21:11 20 Feb 2004

in my experience screening on speaker cable is not nescessary. mains hum is usually introduced on the input side.

have you any problems in particular?

  Kase 16:20 21 Feb 2004

Thank you for your reply obbit. I have a slight humming on all 5 speakers if you put an ear to the speakers. I have inspire 5.1 Digital 5500 speakers connected to a creative sound blaster Audigy player 24 bit card. If its on the input how do you deal with humming?.


  [email protected]@m 20:25 21 Feb 2004

Humming is often caused by an earth loop. When two mains powered equipments are connected together, the earthing is applied at two points in the circuit, in your case, the PC and the active speakers.

To prove, temporarily disconnect the earth powering the speakers and listen for the hum. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

If this is the cause, you will need to insert an earth lift device in the sound card output.

Speaking of which, you are using line-out from the card, not speaker output?

  Kase 15:55 22 Feb 2004

Hi [email protected]@m

Thank you for the reply and information on the creative blaster Audigy 24 bit sound card I have connected to Digital out on the Decoder I have connected to analog line in. The Speaker system is working when playing music CDs, sound from games and with DVD movies but I am out of my knowledge base with the hum although I do I think understand your comment on earthing being the cause of mains hum. Do you think I am expecting too much from the speaker equipment? the PC I put it together from a purchased MSI Mobo AMD Xp2400 processor and put all the other bits as required to make a system.
Re earth lift device can you tell me more ie: who sells such a device? and will it come with the necessary connections or is it a soldering iron DIY job. In view of your CAPS "Do this at your own risk" I think I will leave well alone as I note the warning but have no experience of the possible result should I give it a try!!!.which leads me to ask is it possible to test another way?


  hugh-265156 16:21 22 Feb 2004

tidy up your cables inside you case.

keep external speaker wires away from mains leads and power supplies.

move your soundcard as far away from the graphics card as is possable.

you can fit little ferrite rings onto the internal and external cables to reduce rf noise.try maplins.

  hugh-265156 16:23 22 Feb 2004

ps.throw away those freebe interconnects and get better ones.

richer sounds keep good quality phonos,3mm jack and spdif cables for home cinema.these will work well with computer soundcards too.

cambridge audio cables are cheap and half decent quality.

  [email protected]@m 16:33 22 Feb 2004

I had to give that warning, as other people will be tempted to start disconnecting earths! I agree with huggyg71, seek advice from Maplins or a local computer shop. I would have thought these devices would be compatible.

  Kase 20:32 22 Feb 2004

Hi huggyg71

Reply and information much appreciated I will take the side from the PC case tomorrow and carry out the tidy on the cables and move the sound card to the bottom slot on the board.I will conntact Maplins as suggested. From your remarks it seems I will need also to buy some more up market connections and plugs as well not forgetting ferrite rings


  Kase 20:42 22 Feb 2004

Hi [email protected]@m

Thank you for the reply the warning no problem better safe than sorry! note your advice and again thanks if I can source and carry out all the advice things should be just fine which is
better than humming along!!!!!


  hugh-265156 00:51 23 Feb 2004

click here(16104),Kb=Creative for some info.

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