screen/desktop display: Urgent help needed!!

  simongy 14:46 08 Sep 2004

I am using operating system ME. I have just switched on my pc- and the desktop icon are very big and grainy and there is not much colour displayed on the screen: on going into control panel I discovered that the screen area was 640 x 480 pixels and it was in 16 bit colour. I tried using the 'slider' to change screen area size and it will not adjust- also the option to change the 16bit to 32 has disappeared. All images are grainy and unreadable. What has happened.
Thanks in advance.

  AndySD 14:50 08 Sep 2004

Your graphics card drivers have become damaged and you will ned to reins

  AndySD 14:51 08 Sep 2004

need to reinstall them.

  xania 14:54 08 Sep 2004

Check that your monitor connection and video card have not come loose. Assuming this is not the cause, you will have to reinstall your video card driver (it could have become damaged) and your monitor driver if any. You will have to reboot before trying to update your screen properties.

  THE TERMINATOR 14:58 08 Sep 2004

You could do a system restore to an earlier time, or you could go into device manager and delete the display adapter and re-boot, and windows will install the drivers for it again....TT

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