Screen went black after BIOS setup

  Moda1337 11:42 24 Apr 2018

Good day everyone! I have faced a problem yesterday regarding my laptop Asus n56vz. Basicaly I wanted to change my CD rom to SSD. Once I did that I wanted to install windows on this new drive. So I got Windows 10 on my USB and went to the computer's BIOS to boot from USB. Maybe I clicked something I'm not sure but after I saved settings and exited my screen went black. I've tried things like taking off computers battery and holding power on button; taking off computer's RAM and puting it back on diferent slot; tried conmecting to external monitor via HDMI and VGA cables and hitting fn+ f5(no response); taking off BIOS battery from motherboard and keeping it away from a computer for 10 minutes. Do you guys perhaps have any clues?

  Archie44 11:53 24 Apr 2018

have a look here asus

  Archie44 11:55 24 Apr 2018

oh one more thing did your asus have cables that connect from under the keboard to the motherboard. Can you double check as they can be fiddly when if you havent done it right

  Archie44 11:56 24 Apr 2018

oh one more thing did you change the hardrive to a SSD

  Archie44 11:58 24 Apr 2018
  Archie44 12:00 24 Apr 2018

im sure someone will tell you step by step i cant becasue of my eyesight

  Moda1337 12:04 24 Apr 2018

Thanks for activity, Archie44. Cables are not fiddly. You don't really have to touch them to change SSD. And yes, I have changed CD-ROM to SSD �/p>

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