Screen turns into a solid colour while playing.

  steelnabeel 20:49 18 Aug 2016

Hello, everyone. Not a native English speaker so sorry about that.

About a week ago I was playing Overwatch and an error popped up saying "Your rendering device has been lost", I didn't think much of it, restarted it and played another game, it said the same thing, after restarting my PC, my screen went completely black and I had to restart again.

I thought this was an issue with Overwatch, but when I played a game of league of legends, my screen turned into a random solid color but the sound was still playing in the background for a couple of minutes.

What I've tried

I checked online to find people with similar issues, the answers they got were overheating, being dusty or just faulty GPU/PSU. I thought my PC was dusty, it's been a year since I bought it and never opened the tower. I switched it off, cleaned it as best as i could with a toothbrush and some tissues. I checked the temperature by using MSI Afterburner, it's around 70C while playing games (I'm not sure if that's good or bad). It didn't crash for the entire day after cleaning it, I played about 4-5 games of league.

Next few days, it crashed again, screen turns into a solid color, a simple restart and everything is fine. 2 days later it got really bad, It crashed over and over again, I can't play a single game of league without it turning into a solid colour. When I would turn my PC on, there would be static or it would be completely black after showing the message along the lines of " no HDMI/DVI signal". I had to restart it multiple times to even start the PC without any issues.

Specs: OS: Windows 8.1 64 bit. System Model: Acer, Predator G3-605 Processor: Intel Core i7-7790 Memory: 8gb RAM Graphic card: Geforce GTX 760.

Examples of solid color: click here of static that occasionally appear after I switch it on: click here not sure if this is enough information, I'm not very good with computers but I can provide more information if need be. Any help would be appreciated.




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