Screen size ! after redirect ?

  Dmiles 16:38 08 Sep 2009

I've had this problem for a long time and raised the question before but could not understand really what to do. Probably my explanation of the fault didn't help. So I thought I would bother you all again.
I click on PCA and the first big screen comes up. I then click on a link (I think that's what you call it), and the new screen is a small one. I enlarge it by pulling the diag corners to the extreems of the monitor. I now use back button and choose again the same 'next' screen and dammit !! it's the small size again. After it's done this, I choose a further screen and in all cases the new screen dosn't appear but I do get a small flag on the bottom task bar which I then have to click. AGAIN another small screen that has to be enlarged !!!

This happens every time and with all web addresses. Please can you help me.

  gigagiggles 16:51 08 Sep 2009


your problems read like a internet browser configuration solution screaming to come out. the key you're holding is the name of the browser you're using and the operating system it's running on. those of us who are using the same intertwined pair may then be able to walk you through the configurations.

  Pineman100 18:30 08 Sep 2009

I'm not sure whether I entirely understood your explanation correctly, but if you meant what I *think* you meant, your problem is that applications (Internet Explorer, for example) are not opening at full screen screen size for you.

If that's correct, try this:-

1. Open the application that you want to open at full screen size every time.

2. In the top right-hand corner of the window, click the 'maximise' button. It's the one with a rectangle on it, just next to the red X 'close' button. This will enlarge your window to full screen size.

3. On the top left-hand side of the screen, click on 'File'(*), then at the bottom of that menu, click 'Exit'. This will now close the window.

You should now find that whenever you launch that application, it will always open at full screen.

* In Internet Explorer the File button may not be showing. If it's not, click on Tools (top right of screen). Then click on 'Toolbars', followed by 'Menu bar'. The File, Edit, View, Favourites, Tools, Help toolbar should appear at the top left.

  Dmiles 08:14 24 Sep 2009

So sorry to all of you for taking so long to come back to you about my display problem that I still have.
Being near 80, I often get carted off to the hospital for a bit of urgent attention and this is the reason for the delay. I'm back now and eager to sort this problem out so I'm about to study your advice and I will come baCK TO YOU WITHIN THE HOUR.
mY MANY THANKS ONCE AGAIN dEREK mILES...AN OL' GIT !! (Sorry hit the CP again)

  Dmiles 08:44 24 Sep 2009

Firstly I'm using Win XP Pro and Int Explorer 8.
My monitor is diag 48 cm. The reduced pictures I'm getting are 27 X 18 cm.
And now a shot by shot explanation !
I open my emails and open this forum, it come up as a small screen, I enlarge by hitting top right middle button then I go to File and exit. I open this forum again and again a small screen. This time I stretch it at corner arrows etc, I then clear down using File/Exit, I open again to a small screen.
Second example;
I have a favourites icon on my opening first screen and click it, I get a full screen, I continue by clicking on "Photography" and get a full screen.
I follow this by selecting "Fuji" or any other headings such as "Carts" and get a small screen.
Now I enlarge these by using the two systems explained earlier but they have no effect. I still finish up with small screens and have to enlarge by hitting top right - middle button.

I do hope I've explained matters to your satisfaction. Please continue to assist.

Derek Miles.

  birdface 08:54 24 Sep 2009

You have to have every other page of your computer except the small page.You the left click the edges and drag the page to the size that you want.Once you have done that you either close it by clicking on the red X and if that does not work close it by using File and exit.

  birdface 08:58 24 Sep 2009

If this is an add-on that you are using or from favorites.You have to start using the proper IE8 Icon.
If this opens in a small page just follow the directions given by dragging it to its proper size and switch it off using any of the two methods already given.

  birdface 10:23 24 Sep 2009

(I open my emails and open this forum.)
If you just open IE8 does it open in full screen or a small screen.If it opens in a small screen left click and hold down the mouse button on any of the edges and drag it to the size that you want.Switch it off using the red x at the top and when you open it again it should open in a full page.

You open your mail.Is that from IE8 or your original mail provider and what mail provider do you use.

Have you had any luck yet or still the same.

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