Screen Size Adjustment by default

  Furkin 12:43 04 May 2005

Hi all,
sory to bother you with this little niggle,, but since I installed B.B (it seems !!!),,, I can't get my IE & Yahoo screens to open up in Maximised size. As soon as I click on Max, all is well,,, but I have to do this every time.
I've had a good look around to adjust this,,, but obviously not a good enough look.
How do I adjust things to open up in max, by default please ?
thanks for reading this

  Technotiger 12:53 04 May 2005

Hi, rather than click on Maximise - before maximisation (coo, that's a good word innit)
Hover mouse at sides and top and bottom in turn and stretch to full size that way. Then close window in normal way and re-open window again and I think you will find it will open at max.


  Furkin 13:06 04 May 2005

Thanks Techno,
Since I placed the post, I did a search on PCA & tried 3/4/5 things.
I tried your suggestion about halfway through, but to Noah Vale !
After trying them all a couple of times, yours did indeed do the trick (tho'why it didn't work the first time, I don't know)
I've never had the problem before, so I 'assume' that it is something to do with the B.B/Yahoo settings ???? but wot do I know ?
thanks all

  Technotiger 13:10 04 May 2005

Great - thanks for feedback.


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