Screen size adjustment

  wingfield 12:00 27 Nov 2004

I bought a 17" flat screen the other day. Ity was a bit bright so I bought a screen filter to go over it. Trouble is it doesn't fit correctly. The frame is too wide and it hides the top and bottom menu bars etc. I can adjust the screen image up and down but can't adjust both at the same time IE make it smaller so that it fits within the screen filter. Is there any other way I can make the image height smaller from within the computer settings rather than the screen adjustments?

  Technotiger 12:35 27 Nov 2004

Hi, right-click on desktop>left-click Properties>Settings and you should then be able to make adjustments.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:19 27 Nov 2004

Why not alter your screen's brightness and contrast settings?

  wingfield 14:46 27 Nov 2004

In XP under Settings it only alllows resolution ie whther things are large or small but doesn't change the actual size of the screen image.
I've tried changing the brightness and contrast - it's a bit better but not the ideal. I'll have to look at something else.
I couldn't get my money back on the screen filter PC World said it didn't come within their refunds policy!
Thanks for your suggestions

  Dorsai 14:58 27 Nov 2004

There should be the option to adjust brightness/contrast. Not done in windows, but in the panels own set-up menu, accessed, somehow through the buttons on the panel. No need for a filter.

IS there a button on the panel labeled 'menu'?

  ACOLYTE 15:02 27 Nov 2004

Can you alter the refresh rate,the higher it is the wider the screen image,i don't have a flat panel so i don't know if you can alter refresh rates on them,but on my CRT i alter the refresh then align the desktop after.

  wingfield 16:29 27 Nov 2004

Having spent £25 on this I'm reluctant just to shove it on the shelf. I found that it unclips easily and I tooke the glass out, engineered the plastic surround to achieve the best option for my screen and reassembled. It's pretty good.

Tahnks again for your help.

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