Screen shots in Word documents...smallest size

  Sir Radfordin™ 16:57 21 May 2003

Any (free) ideas on the following:

Producing user documentation which has to have screen shots. These screen shots are going into a Word document but not at full size.

Whats the best way to put them there and keep the size of the finished document to the smallest size?

For starters, doing a Print Screen and pasting directly into Word seems to give the smallest file. Pasting into Microsoft Picture Editor and saving as a jpge or a gif and then inserting into a word document increased the size of the file.

  keith-236785 17:14 21 May 2003

Paste the file into Word then click the picture, this will put small square blocks at eah corner and at the middle of each side. click and hold the bottom right corner block and drag up/left to get the size you want then let go of the button, then write the rest of your document and save. one tip before you paste the screenshot this will enable you to put a title above the picture.

hope this helps

  keith-236785 17:16 21 May 2003

that should have read" before you paste the screenshot press return to step down a line", then you can put a title above the screenshot.

  Pesala 17:24 21 May 2003

A few tips:

1. Use Alter Print Screen to grab dialogue boxes.

2. Do not convert to JPG to save space. JPG compression is the least suitable for screen shots, which usually have sharp contrast and text.

3. If you must reduce the size (maybe to a standard width, you will probably get the sharpest results if you do this in a Photo Editing package. Try Irfan View, as that is small but handy for cropping, resizing, and converting image formats.

4. Save file in PNG format or paste into Word from the clipboard.

  Sir Radfordin™ 17:25 21 May 2003

Sorry, perhaps it was a poor choice of words on my account, but I'm talking about file size (amount of physical space taken up on a disk when saved) and not the actual size of the displayed picture.

  slowhand_1000 18:49 21 May 2003

Is the documentation to be viewed on screen ?

If so, have you got a graphics prog that you can use to optimise the file, i.e. PaintShop, Photoshop.

I have just done a screen shot and pasted into Word and the file size was 96kb. Optimising the file in PaintShop Pro the files size was 13.5kb as a .png file and 28kb as a .gif file. On screen they all view as good a quality as each other.

You could always download click here a 21 day trial version of Photoshop (albeit a large file) when you near the end of putting documentation together.

  crx1600 19:34 21 May 2003

i use Photoimpression2000 to grab screen captures, which when saved to file as jpeg has the option of compression by a percentage value, that way you can keep twitching until you find the smallest possible file size that still gives a good screen image.

i should imagine this feature is common with most photo editing suites.

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