Screen shots onto memory card

  Joanne Cook 17:36 24 Nov 2016

I'm trying to transfer 45 screen shots from my iPhone 6 onto a memory card which is then going into a digital photo frame. I have used my USB lead and plugged it into my windows 8.1 computer but my phone just seem to pick up certain pictures but typically not the pictures I want. Can you offer any advice, or if this is even possible? Or if I email all the photos to myself - can I transfer them onto a memory card??? I have no idea, I'm just trying to think of alternative way to try and get these photos (they are screenshots) from my phone onto a memory card. As you can tell I'm not a very technical person so all this is confusing to me, so a idiots guide would be appreciated if anyone has any advice, thank you in advance.

  Burn-it 22:07 24 Nov 2016

When you plug it in, the computer should see the phone memory as a USB device and you should be able to use a file manager to copy the pictures. I say copy as you should not delete them from the phone using a computer. This is how it normally works, but of course Apple may do things differently.

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