Screen Shots

  K*B 07:23 19 Dec 2012

Hello friends, how do I create a screen shot? Do I need a special program installed on my laptop to do so, or I can indeed get a screen shot using my OS? My laptop runs on MS Vista Home Basic. Please help. Thanks.

  tullie 07:27 19 Dec 2012

Have a look at the free Fastone Capture.

  hastelloy 11:49 19 Dec 2012

AS wiz-king but use Alt+Print Screen. This limits the shot to the current window rather than the whole screen.

  iscanut 11:58 19 Dec 2012

Try Gadwin, scroll down for the free download does work !

  VCR97 19:39 19 Dec 2012

MW Snap MW Snap

  K*B 10:41 20 Dec 2012

Thanks guys, but where is Print Screen? Is it a key on the keyboard or where is it? I can't see it on my keyboard. Thanks.

  iscanut 11:19 20 Dec 2012

PrtScn/SysRq is a key on the keyboard, normally top right.

  K*B 11:15 27 Dec 2012

Chronos the 2nd! ScreenHunter works fine. Thanks.

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