screen shot

  the kopite 21:39 20 Jan 2006

Hi Guys I dont know if this is the correct forum to post on but my question is howq do I post a screen shot on to a forum page ? thanks for any help kopite

  Taran 21:44 20 Jan 2006

If you want to post a screenshot onto this forum then you can't.

You can upload a screenshot to a web server and give us a link to it. Some people use Image Shack click here to do this, or if you have your own site already running you could load it onto that and post a web link to it as text in this forum.

  the kopite 03:21 21 Jan 2006

Hi Taram its not for this forum thanks

  Taran 12:18 21 Jan 2006

without knowing the forum you intend posting your screenshot in, nobody can offer any suitable advice.

Try the support pages on the forum you want to post the image on, or ask other users in that forum.

Some allow image postings while others do not.

Without knowing which forum system is being used and whether image postings are allowed it is impossible to go any further.

  the kopite 19:01 21 Jan 2006

ok thanks kopite

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