Screen Saver and Hibernation With XP Home inc SP2

  Motonick 22:13 22 Feb 2005

CAn anyone shed any light as to why the screen saver and hibernation settings do not take effect on my PC. I have set all under power and screen saver bt nothing happens,

  Jsimbaz 22:17 22 Feb 2005

make sure you have the correct profile selected maybe?

soz if no help - i tried


  Bris 20:54 23 Feb 2005

Click on START then select "turn off computer", hold down the shift key and hover the mouse pointer over the STANDBY button which should change to HIBERNATE, click on this and the PC should hibernate. What you have done is to force a hibernation state. If this works it shows that the PC is capable of hibernating but is not doing so because of activity that is going on. This is also born out by the fact that the screen saver is not happening. A screen saver not operating is usually due to mouse operation but often it wont happen if other activity is going on in the background. Automatic hibernation will not happen also if activity is going on in the background even though there may be no visible sign of activity such as a USB connected HDD. Sorry that this doesnt help with actually solving your problem but hope its a pointer as I think you need to investigate what activity is causing the problem which isnt easy. You could try to narrow down the problem by disconnecting as many external devices as possible and remove as many programs as possible and if that works gradually add back devices.

  Motonick 21:05 23 Feb 2005

The pc can hibernate, so there must be something going on in the background, Thanks for your advice I will try and track it down

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