screen saver and f1 key

  wato 22:26 03 Jan 2003
  wato 22:26 03 Jan 2003

I am using windows ME and the F1 key is programed to start the screen saver utility. Every time I use F1 I get the screen saver even when the program that is running says press f1 for help.

Example: sandra standard will give help using F1 but I get the screen saver.

I want to remove the function from the f1 key so that software that says press f1 for help will do just that. How do I do that?

There does not seem to be any help in the windows help file!

  jazzypop 22:35 03 Jan 2003

Uninstall the screen saver utility, reinstall and assign a different key to it - Ctrl-Shift-S? F10?

  wato 00:49 04 Jan 2003

yeah tried that jazzypop by going to uninstal\windows settings and removing all screen savers but they don't go

problem still the same

  jazzypop 02:47 04 Jan 2003

Try searching in Control Panel > Add/Remove programs for a 3rd-party screen saver utility, such as After Dark.

Windows itself does not assign the F1 key to activate the screensaver

  wawadave 04:37 04 Jan 2003

allso screensaver and m.e have known problems.
been know to do every thing from freeze ups to bsod to hard shut downs. but it dont happen to every one. just my 2 cents worth.

  wato 14:31 05 Jan 2003

I have done a search in control panel and found nothing that looks like a screeen save utility.

problem still the same!

It seems like a long shot but should I reintall windows?

  wato 16:59 05 Jan 2003

Just by chance I was messing about with my martrox powerdesk utility and found a Hot Keys prog. On investigation it was set to run the screen saver when F1 was pressed...!

Of course I changed it and now everything is OK.

Just goes to show what prat I can be sometimes.

Thanks for all the bright thoughts from you all.

problem fully resolved.....

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