Screen saver on demand

  Eagie 20:42 13 Oct 2003

Is there a key combination that activates your screen saver?

The accounts dept at work want to be able to activate their screen saver (which has password protection) when they leave their machines by pressing a couple of keys. I know I could create a short cut to the screen saver file and then assign a key combo to it but that doesn't allow me to password protect it.



  Pesala 21:30 13 Oct 2003

I set a password to a screen saver, created a shortcut to it on the desktop, and assigned a keystroke (Ctrl Alter End). It works fine in Windows ME. I have to type the password to get back in. Only problem is that if you're a bit heavy-handed with the shortcut key the password box immediately comes up.

  Eagie 21:51 13 Oct 2003

Thanks Pesala. I'll have to try it again at work tomorrow (i'm using XP at home and 98 at work).

  BarryKeith 21:53 13 Oct 2003

Have searched around but found nothing, yet can remember using a key combo to activate screen saver a few years ago. May have been on my old Amiga though.

  Eagie 09:50 14 Oct 2003

Great, that works! For some reason I thought that I would have to set the password through the shortcut but couldn't find an option for it.

So I followed your advice, set the password through the screensaver properties and then created a shortcut with a keystroke and my accounts dept are very happy people!



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