Screen Saver

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:10 14 Oct 2003

Is it possible to use a sub-folder within 'My Pictures' as a screen saver?

  Djohn 10:22 14 Oct 2003

Yes it is. I have selected one from there to use myself, but have now forgot the procedure. :o(

Someone will have the answer though, hopefully before I remember! j.

  Wak 10:23 14 Oct 2003

Isn't the sub-folder just another container for more pictures???
You could use a picture from within the sub-folder as a Screen saver by copying it into C:\Windows (with all the other BMP files) then highlighting it in the Screen Saver dialogue box as usual.
Or have I mis-understood the question??

  graham√ 10:54 14 Oct 2003

On the screensaver menu you may find 'my pictures slideshow'.

  Wes Tam ;-) 15:59 14 Oct 2003

Djohn thanks, but if your memory is anything like mine I'll have a long wait :)

Wak I want to use a series of pictures from the sub-folder

graham√ I'm using ME which has a 'My Pictures' screensaver but this gives me a slideshow of everything in 'My Pictures' including everything within the sub-folders I've created

  canard 19:29 14 Oct 2003

Rename my pictures and then name the folder of pics you want to use for a screensave my pictures?

  graham√ 19:47 14 Oct 2003

Click on my pictures slideshow, then settings. There you can select the location of your chosen photos. You will, of course, have to set up the pictures first.

  Djohn 20:02 14 Oct 2003

Your right about my memory and my ability to understand the question as well :o(

Been thinking about it all afternoon, then I remembered how I'd done it, only to return to your thread and find that you already knew how to produce a slide-show, which is of course what I had done, and not the answer to your question.

But graham√ [Frank] has come up with the correct way. ;o)

  Wes Tam ;-) 20:47 14 Oct 2003

graham√ thanks very much. When I first set it to 'My Pictures' the settings button was greyed out, but I followed what you said and it's worked. Thanks again.

canard I tried your suggestion, but it still showed pictures from all the sub-folders.

Djohn, I'm glad I'm not alone in this world ;o)

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