screen roll down - why?

  eysha 16:33 07 Sep 2010

Hi, i wonder if anyone knows why a laptop screen rolls down and takes everything with it except the background picture? The laptop has been running slow for ages now and while i got some help, and I am very gratfull for it too, it is still running slow and takes anything from 15-30 seconds to do something after asking, like clicking on e-mail takes ages to open and this applies to everything else too. Is the screen thing a clue to its bigger problem i wonder.
Any help would be great.

  howard64 17:38 07 Sep 2010

it is probably just refreshing itself your symptoms indicate - 1. overheating [laptop needs cleaning out] 2. lack of ram [you do not say what spec it is or what op system] 3. Nasties have got into your system and it may need to be reset to factory conditions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 07 Sep 2010

Use task manager to determine what process is using all the memory or CPU %

  eysha 18:05 07 Sep 2010

I did clean it out by vacuming carefully as told. I also need more ram and waiting to order when i know exactly what to order. and no nasties as i have lots of softwear.
Fruit-Bat how do i do that, determine usage and then what?

  eysha 18:08 07 Sep 2010

Fruit-Bat i have 53 processes and performances. What do i do about it? Many thanks for all your help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 07 Sep 2010

53 processes no wonder its slow. which has the biggest numbers against them?

With nothing running but task manager system idle process should be 98/99%

  eysha 19:20 07 Sep 2010

process is 52 and performance is 53. How do i correct this Fruit-Bat?
Many thanks

  woodchip 20:00 07 Sep 2010

I would say the Graphics card is faulty if the picture rolls

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:01 07 Sep 2010

USe Ccleaner - tools - startup
to stop programs you don't use from starting and running at start up.

Cut down on the services that are running by checking with the black viper site click here (this is for XP but he shows all the others as well)

  eysha 20:10 07 Sep 2010

Fruit-Bat, in ccleaner startup there is only 10 items ticked: tholkey,syntpenh etc - the ones you told me to keep.
will look at that site and see if i can understand it.
which RAM should i buy from amazon?

  woodchip 20:12 07 Sep 2010

There is a Difference in Rolls and Scrolls, Scrolls could be a memory fault on the Graphics card. If there is more that one memory chip on the card and in sockets you could try removing one at a time to see if one is faulty

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