Screen resolution message and Mailwasher question

  northerngirl 07:06 06 Jul 2008

I am hoping some knowledgeable person can help with with two problems.
I am getting a resolution notice popping up which says that for best picture quality I need to change resolution to 1024x768.The resolution is already set to this specification so how might I stop the annoying notice?

I have recently installed Mailwasher in the hope of helping delete and bounce back spam. However, when I try to add the spam to the blacklist Mailwasher tells me the email address is not formed properly.

Any advice most gratefully received.

  FatboySlim71 10:07 06 Jul 2008

I have Mailwasher and my screen resolution is set to 1680 x 1050 for use with my 21 inch widescreen monitor.

What size monitor screen do you have because 1024 x 768 is usually used for 15 inch monitors if I'm not mistaken.

Regarding mailwasher:

If you have the free version you can only use one email address whereas the Pro version you can have more than one.

Here's how I setup my mailwasher program:

Although I cannot help you with some sections as I do not know what settings your email provider will use.

1: Go into SETTINGS

2: In the EMAIL ACCOUNTS section, click on the email address you have in there.

3: You should now have a window shown INCOMING MAIL, BOUNCING AND OUTGOING MAIL.

4: Ensure the Account name is your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS, your username, you enter your email address up till (but not including the @) so for example [email protected] blah.blah, the username would be joeblogs

4a: For my email provider I enter the pop3 server address in that section, but your email provider could be different, you would be able to find out the incoming/outgoing server address settings by either visiting their site or by looking on the net. I will add that if you are using the free version of Windows Live Hotmail you are not able to use a program like Mailwasher to handle your email.

5: Ensure your password is correct.

6:In the BOUNCING AND OUTGOING MAIL, enter in the EMAIL ADDRESS section your full email address. In the SMTP SERVER ADDRESS you will need to enter your smtp server address that your email provider uses.

  northerngirl 11:28 06 Jul 2008

Thanks very much for your response. I have delete mailwasher as it appeared to be conflicting with something else. I have installed something else but need some info. please, for the settings.

How can I find out the following?
Server type?
Mail server?
User name? Is that the whole email address?

Many thanks.

  FatboySlim71 11:41 06 Jul 2008

Server type?
Mail server?

If you get your email from your Internet provider you should be able to find these details on their website.

Who provides your email, is it your Internet provider of is it some one like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail?

Your username is not usually your full email address, for example if your email address was [email protected] blah.blah, the username would be joeblogs

  northerngirl 11:44 06 Jul 2008

Thanks. :)

My email is Yahoo.

  FatboySlim71 11:49 06 Jul 2008

This should help you : )

click here

  northerngirl 13:37 06 Jul 2008

Your a star, thanks!

I will read it all later when I have more time, but it will, I am sure, be an education :)

My actual email provider is BT and my email is but since some trouble ages ago BT in their wisdom ,changed everything and now it opens in the yahoo page. Don't ask because I haven't got a clue!

Do I necessarily need Outlook Express?

  Clapton is God 15:58 06 Jul 2008

"Do I necessarily need Outlook Express?"

No, you can use whichever e-mail client you prefer.

And, by the way, in your opening post you said "helping delete and bounce back spam".

Never, ever bounce spam. Apart from the fact that it just clogs up the internet with yet more pointless e-mails going backwards and forwards, it also serves to let the spammers know that your e-mail address is alive and working.

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