Screen Resolution - cannot change it

  swapper 08:44 11 Jan 2005

My son had a problem with his Monitor (it blacked out, started smoking etc) so he changed it with another that he had used before.
He now finds that he cannot change the resolution, up or down, from 800 x 600,
Any suggestion please? TIA

  recap 08:59 11 Jan 2005

Open Control Panel/Display/Settings/Advanced (button)/Monitor (tab)/Change (button) follow the Wizard to search for updated drivers, you may need the Monitors disc.

  swapper 22:57 12 Jan 2005

Thanks recap, he has tried this, and gets the reply that he has the best driver available, he is given no options but the 800x600 resolution

  [email protected] 23:30 12 Jan 2005

what size monitor is he using? Can it support resolutions greater than 800 x 600?

  hugh-265156 00:00 13 Jan 2005

are the graphics card drivers installed?

  swapper 17:47 13 Jan 2005

[email protected], he is now using a ICL 14c Monitor, (a pass down job), we have been unable to find out anything about it, he has had it stored for some time, and as I say, it was a second hand job before.

  swapper 17:49 13 Jan 2005

[email protected], the display and graphics were o.k. before his original monitor went bang!
he has checked the graphics drivers (as I understand, I will re check).

  Pidder 18:11 13 Jan 2005

Have you looked on the Web for a driver for this particular monitor. I had similar trouble with a monitor I tried, the PC only searched the Hard Drive until I got a more suitable driver,(using a different computer), burnt it to a C.D. and then asked the PC to look on both the HDD and the C.D.

  Jeffers22 18:13 13 Jan 2005

As ICL haven't been ICL for quite some time. the monitor is probably a bit long in the tooth. Added to which it looks like it's a 14 inch job. If so it is unlikely it would be able to support a greater resolution.

  swapper 21:46 15 Jan 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying :-(

Pidder, Jeffers22, thanks for your imput, I have checked with my son, it is a 14inch, it is old, so perhaps he needs a "new" (second hand) one.

Thanks again, I will consider this resolved?

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