Screen resolution

  vassos 07:59 03 Dec 2011

I have an odd glitch which has suddenly appeared. All text is blurred. Looks like there is a secondary shadow of each letter or digit offset to the right. It makes reading anything very headache making. I tried everything but with no success. I then had the PC tech., log in remotely. He has tweaked and reset and to him it looks fine. Here however, it is just the same. The resolution is set perfectly for my monitor. Any ideas please?

  mooly 08:30 03 Dec 2011

Make, model and operating system ?

Is all text like this ? System tray, clock etc. If you right click the desktop etc is the menu blurred ? If so it perhaps suggests a driver or screen issue.

What about when you first do a cold start and any splash screens/bios messages etc messages appear. Are they blurred as these load before anything Windows/driver related ?

What's it like if you boot into safe mode ?

Have you tried a system restore back to when it was OK ?

Without actually seeing something like this it's a bit difficult to say for sure.

  vassos 08:34 03 Dec 2011

The system restore did nothing. All text is blurred including system tray etc. I have not paid attention to the text on cold start. I usually walk away once I press the button. The monitor is an HP w19ev. Using XP. Have not tried safe mode.

  mooly 08:56 03 Dec 2011

Is it possible to try the monitor on another PC ?

From your description it does sound as though the monitor may have a problem. Is the problem much worse than just "cleartype" settings and so on,

I would still try safe mode as that loads a generic driver rather than a specific one.

  birdface 10:09 03 Dec 2011

Like mooly says try it in safe mode and if it works Ok on there it could be the graphics driver needing updated.

  vassos 18:25 03 Dec 2011

Tried everything that has been suggested but it made no difference. I finally resorted to crawling under the back of my desk and found the monitor lead was in the wrong hole. Sorry guys and thanks for your support. It is perfect now.

  mooly 18:54 03 Dec 2011

Thanks for the update... pleased you got it sorted.

  vassos 22:40 03 Dec 2011

The tower had been away in the workshop for a day to have a new cooling fan fitted and a clean up. I got the plug in wrong - hand up.

  vassos 08:57 04 Dec 2011

Having said all that, I find that on switching on my PC this morning, the problem has returned and the double image is back. Seems there is a more serious issue. Either the graphics card or possibly the monitor itself.

  feb 09:19 04 Dec 2011

Have you tried using windows XP Cleartype?

  Terry Brown 10:30 04 Dec 2011

On the chance that it may be the monitor try reducing the resolution of the screen by the following method.

Right click on desktop Select Properties Select settings Reduce by one notch.

You could also try reloading your graphic card drivers.


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