Screen Resizing Problem.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 17:43 08 Apr 2011

Thanks to Dell support 99.9% of my computer software had been restored successfully over a three hour period the other day.The only problem I'm now left with is the screen itself. It seems to be set wrongly and I've done my best to correct it using the settings in 'Personalisation'. I've not touched anything lest I cause more harm than good.

I've left the screen resolution set at maximum for my screen namely 1680 x 1050. Yet anything within the working pane below the toolbars has had to be set to 150% magnification to fill out the screen whereas it was originally on 100% prior to the problems. The text is smaller than it should be, or the Windows symbol appears less round than it has but not quite oval shaped.Even the mouse pointer is smaller and the 'busy' blue revolving wheel looks smaller.Even the new PC Advisor site only sits in the middle of the screen whereas before it filled the pane.

Although the system software was restored using the discs which came with the computer namely the drivers and operating system,Dell didn't ask me to add the drivers for the screen set up and I've not used them. Short of ringing Dell back,is there something I can do within the obvious settings to get the screen back to how it should be?

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit and my computer is a Dell Studio 540. Any help,suggestions,recommendations and advice would be warmly welcomed. Thank you for your help.

P.S.Liking the new PCA website setup.

  mgmcc 20:44 08 Apr 2011

It actually sounds as though the screen resolution is set too high, even if you are using a maximum supported setting. Try using a lower setting. Windows has a safeguard whereby if you set a resolution that the computer cannot display, it will automatically revert to the previous setting after a few seconds. If it does look OK, click the option to retain the altered setting.

  Woolwell 22:29 08 Apr 2011

Which monitor do you have?

  Fred Spoons EPNS 09:39 09 Apr 2011

mgmcc....Indeed it did.I tinkered with this setting for some time before coming up with an acceptable solution of a lower resolution which did the trick. The rest is nearly done with standard magnification set at 100% as before it went wrong. Thank you for your advice which is greatly appreciated.

woolwell....Its a Dell E2209W screen which came with the computer.I believe mgmcc has solved the problem. The Windows startup now looks round as does my clock! I'm just doing some fine tuning but it was some years ago when I last did it. Fingers crossed.

Thank you.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 08:48 12 Apr 2011

Hello.Finally solved the problem of screen resizing. In desperation I unscrewed the screen cable from the computer and monitor and connected a new cable in its place. With fingers crossed,I turned my computer and as if by magic everything was resized as it was prior to the software reinstall. I am very pleased with the outcome. I have no idea why this worked,but just very glad it did. Phew!

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