screen res.changing

  picklsey 05:29 03 May 2005

i am trying to help my son out with this problem and i would be gratefull for help.what,s happening is when he starts his pc up all goes well till he gets to the desktop opening it opens as it should then the screen goes black and then opens up on 640-480 and by 8 bit colour it can be changed easily enough by right clicking on desktop going to properties settings and moving the slide bar to the proper settings when that is done the pc runs without any problems till the next restart then it,s back to sqaure one.

i have ran a disc check sfc /scannow changed graphics card,ran adaware spybot virus scan ccleaner regcleaner.any help please..xp pro sps.thanks.

  pauldonovan 12:56 03 May 2005

..have you tried re-installing the graphics card driver? Or going to the latest version?

  picklsey 04:50 04 May 2005

pauldonovan thanks for reply and sorry for the slow response i will check out the graphics card driver as soon as i can unfortunetly it may be next week before i can do this my son works awkward the mean time if any one else can come up with more things to try please let me know,i will keep the thread running for now it may take me a while to respond to posts as i am helping my daughter decorate so i,m not on the pc much this week.all suggestions welcome and thanks.

  picklsey 19:35 04 May 2005

any ideas plesae.

  Technotiger 20:22 04 May 2005

Hi, perhaps a System Restore to before this happened?


Some games cause this to happen - any games recently installed and run? If so uninstall said game and see if it still happens.


  picklsey 05:25 05 May 2005


thanks for suggestions done a system restore will check out the games with him when i can get hold of him.thanks again.

  Technotiger 13:55 05 May 2005

Me again - another thought - if you have not already got it, download and install Regclean. I keep the shortcut icon for Regclean on my desktop and use it at least once a week - it only takes a couple of minutes to do it's job. Nothing fiddly, like going into Registry, just a couple of mouse clicks.

click here


  picklsey 14:10 05 May 2005


thanks again please keep them coming it will be monday or tuesday before i can get my hands on the pc so all suggestions welcome and i,ll go through them untill hopefully one of them fixes the problem.and i will post back one way or another as to the outcome.thankyou.

  dan11 14:21 05 May 2005

You may have something starting in windows as you boot up and it is changing the resolution, just in case you decide to start the programme or game.

try run > msconfig > startup and untick every item, apply. It will ask if you want to reboot. reboot, has the res changed back? If it has not changed, you will have to find which one is doing the damage. re-tick the boxes one at a time to find what is causing the problem.

Bit of a long shot, but easy to do and easy to put back.

  picklsey 14:30 05 May 2005


thanks for responce i,m pretty sure it,s to do with the start up because every thing loads ok to start with the best i can explain it is everything is fine say for about 3-5 seconds then it,s as if some thing else has kicked in when i go to prop. and change it back there isn,t an option to go back to 640-480.the pc runs ok till the next restart.thanks,s just a pity i can,t get at it till next week.

  picklsey 05:08 10 May 2005

thanks folks got it some game he installed was kicking in at start up and changing the res.uninstalled it and all,s ok again,thans for all the help.

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