Screen Position Of New Folders

  dogbreath1 16:43 28 Feb 2007


Whenever I create a new folder in My Documents, on the Desktop or even within a sub folder of My Documents, it aligns vertically and horizontally with adjacent folders....which is fine.

However, in just one sub folder of My Documents (My Photos), new folders are positioned asymmetrically i.e not on the correct grid lines (until refreshed). It's a similar phenomenon to when you drag an icon around the desktop in Windows 98 before using the refresh routine.

Any ideas as to what is causing this would be much appreciated. 17:17 28 Feb 2007

I get this in all of my folders, I'm not really too sure how to resolve it, as I have neaver been bothered to try. But a guess to try and fix this would be to click 'view' | Move your mouse over 'Arange Icons By' | and click 'align to grid.'

I don't know if this will work, as I said this is just a guess, But I figure if it a problem you wan't sorted, It's worth a quick try. Hope it's of some help :)

  dogbreath1 19:17 28 Feb 2007

Thanks for that. It's a work PC...I'll give that a try in the morning.

Will post back with results.

  dogbreath1 08:11 01 Mar 2007

Bang on. Worked a treat. Thanks Matt. 07:16 03 Mar 2007

sorry slow respnse. Good to hear it worked.

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