Screen magnifier software

  UncleP 02:19 01 Dec 2005

I recently bought a new computer with a 19" TFT. Its great for graphics applications and games, but I have problems with reading text at the normal resolution. And as I spend a good proportion of my time composing messages and articles on the screen, I need to find an effective solution.

I guess what I need is a screen magifier utility which expands the active window to full screen size. I did an Internet search, but only came up with programs which were either too complex or too expensive (£200-£500!).

So has anyone out there come across a simple, reasonably cheap, solution to this problem?

  AndySD 04:54 01 Dec 2005

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

The Taskbar magnifier may be what you need. click here

Or set the fonts on the systen to larger

Start then Control Panel then Display in the Appearance tab reset the Font Size.

  jack 08:25 01 Dec 2005

If your need is for message/text composition.
Then compose in Word pad and set a large/bold font
save the results in RTF and transmit from there either building separate texts into a folder and tranmit in 'bulk' as it were or simply copy the text into a message window.

  anskyber 08:50 01 Dec 2005

And or try this click here

  UncleP 20:39 16 Dec 2005

My thanks to AndySD, Jack and anskyber for their suggestions. Unfortunately, as a result of medical problems with my youngest grandson, my attention has been focussed elsewhere for the last fortnight.

However, I have tried out these (and some other) techniques in spare moments. The most satisfactory with respect to my general requirements was to increase the screen resolution from 96 to 120 dpi, which (surprisingly) increases the image size without apparently introducing any changes in layout, font size etc.

I came across this modification in the Control Panel almost by accident; it's of general application, easily reversible - I hope! - and free. However, I am still checking it out.

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