flaming 18:51 08 Jan 2006

This evening my screen layout suddenly has changed appearance in that the 'tray' usually at the bottom now shows as a margin on the left of the screen a first for me. The 'start' button is at the top of that margin, and the icon tray is at the bottom. I liked it better before the change. Should I use 'system restore' and what will be the outcome of that, please? Or is there something I have inadvertently done which could be reversed.

  [DELETED] 18:56 08 Jan 2006

It is not totally clear from your wording, but if you are talking about the entire taskbar, right click on it and remove any check mark next to "lock the taskbar" and then click-and-drag it back to where you want it.

If the taskbar is unlocked, it can be placed on any screen edge.

  [DELETED] 19:12 08 Jan 2006

Duplicate click here

  flaming 00:23 10 Jan 2006

I followed the suggestion but unfortunately the task bar stayed put, even though it was shown to be unlocked. I used 'system restore' back to 2nd Jan. when I was sure the task bar was where I wanted it, and it worked. I should like to go back even more to correct size of the windows appearing on the screen, necessitating a shift to the right everytime I want to read the rest of sentences or click on something. That wasn't so back in the old year. The enlargement suddenly happened one day.
Is it OK to use 'system restore' again, or is this just a 'now and again' manoeuvre?

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