screen is large size and resolution wont alter

  nonowtatall 20:00 05 Aug 2013

my computer is in xp pro and when i start it it is in a large mode and a box says your computer screen resolution color depth are currently set to a very low level etc then another box says do you want to automaticly correct your screen resolutio and color depth and when i click it still stays the same i have been into the conrtol panel and tried to alter the settings but it wont change any ideas what to do next i also tried system restoe and that wont let me do that either

  lotvic 22:06 05 Aug 2013

Are you using a separate graphics card and have forgotten to load the drivers?

  nonowtatall 22:28 05 Aug 2013

no it is an onboard device and i tried and downloaded new drivers is it poss my onboard card is gone i have tried allsorts and it is always the same

  lotvic 00:09 06 Aug 2013

Try booting to Safe Mode (F8) and changing it.

Can I ask: has it suddenly gone like this and was okay before?

If you can tell us any history of pc, changes, reinstalls, etc it would be helpful.

Note: if you want more info on and how to get rid of the popup message click here

  nonowtatall 08:48 08 Aug 2013

it is all solved after installing the drivers changing the monitor etc i discover my on board graphics has gone i had a new graphics card installed and every thing is back to normal many thanks everyone

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