Screen lags behind the Keyboard

  jack 08:48 17 Mar 2010

I get this some times, when having typed a something I pause look at the screen only to see nothing- then all of sudden a flurry of characters dash across the screen.
I tend to think it is this cranky old machine must get to sorting it - one day perhaps may be- then
One of my flock reported the same problem.
It vexed him so much he dashed off and purchased a new wireless Keyboard/mouse set. - but he still has the problem- I did mention to him that possibly a wireless set may aggravate said trouble

In my case my KB is PS2 but the lag can occur.
Not always I hasten to add - like as now all is OK.
So what is the likely cause and a remedy?

  chub_tor 09:22 17 Mar 2010

It is nothing to do with the keyboard or the screen it is simply that the processor is busy doing something else for a while and later plays "catch up". It may help if you do a clean up of your temporary files using CCleaner click here also look at any programmes that may be running in the background. Perhaps some of them such as Quicktim or Real are looking for updates. As a next step try running msconfig click here to stop unecessary programmes running at start up.

  john810 09:37 17 Mar 2010

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  jack 10:03 17 Mar 2010

Is this YOU or did you click the wrong button?
It has nothing to do with the topic

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