screen keeps telling me to install spyware

  nonowtatall 22:27 13 Sep 2008

wndows internet explorer anti spy ware

I keep getting a message to install some anti spy ware it says (notice if your computer is infected you could suffer data loss etc ---do you want to install ANTI SPYWARE MASTER to san your pc and it takes ages to shift then it comes back again what must i do to shift it also getting lots of pop up mail i am using IE7 with popup blocker

  cream. 22:32 13 Sep 2008

Try click here

or search click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:06 14 Sep 2008

Download this click here update it, run it and delete all it finds. You will only need the free version not the pay for version.


  wee eddie 15:41 14 Sep 2008

"ANTI SPYWARE MASTER" is Malware itself. If you try installing the Trial Ware it will tell you that it has discovered a couple of hundred "Infections" and "if you pay £22.00 if will clear them for you.

Do as GANDALF <|:-)> suggests, I haven't used that program but the Free version is very highly spoken of.

  nonowtatall 20:15 15 Sep 2008

thanks GANDALF that seems to have been very helpful

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