Screen keeps freezing up

  erkmatrix 10:32 03 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 10:32 03 Jan 2003

I got a new Athlon 2600+ 512MB with a Radeon 9500 128MB graphics card and a iiyama VM1451 for christmas, everything is fine but when I play the game hitman 2, you can be playing it fine then all of a sudden the screen just turns black, you still hear the music and the only thing to get it back on is switch off at the back of the computer, it does it quite often now. Also on Soldier of Fortune it loaded ok but the graphics when the game came on where all jumbled up. And on realone player watching a video worked fine then the little screen on the player turned white music still on and I had to again restart the pc to play it, but it worked the second time.
Has anyone got any ideas what it could, is it something to do with my radeon display adapter. I had a look in my device manager and under display adapter it says radeon 9700/9500 series then underneath there is radeon 9700/9500 series secondary. Is this normal to have it say that twice.


  erkmatrix 11:33 03 Jan 2003

Oh forgot to say that the monitor came seperate as it was a base unit, could it be that the monitor is not compatible with my machine?

  jazzypop 11:40 03 Jan 2003

It is almost certainly the graphics card, not the monitor.

Have you visited the ATI site and downloaded the latest drivers? If so, get in touch with the base unit supplier immediately - it is their problem to resolve, not yours.

  woodchip 11:41 03 Jan 2003

Go to Device Manager and look for yellow marks, it sounds like you are having problems with your Graphic's drivers

  billy 11:49 03 Jan 2003

I get the above error message when I try Windows update and it wioll not run update. I've tried the Microsoft KB and searched Google but cannot find an answer. Any ideas on hjow to get update working?

  billy 11:50 03 Jan 2003

Sorry - my earlier message was nothing to do with this thread.

  erkmatrix 12:53 03 Jan 2003

Can I just click into my device manager then on the display adapter/ radeon 9700/9500 series/ drivers then on there click on update drivers or do you have to go to the ATI website to download, as I saw it say you shouldn't download drivers that are not needed, I don't want to make it worse by downloading the wrong driver.

Also why does it say on my device manager the radeon twice having a secondry one whats that about?


  recap 12:56 03 Jan 2003

By clicking on UPdate Drivers junipaire this should automatically open up the necessary web page for you to download the newest driver.

  erkmatrix 13:03 03 Jan 2003

I did this and it seemed to download something for the secondary radeon 9500/9700 , but on the first one listed it said that mine has the most recent drivers. I'll go and and see if its worked, didn't seem to take long to download whatever it did, anyway fingers crossed. I'll get back if its still does it, thanks though for your help up to now.


  woodchip 13:11 03 Jan 2003

You should only have one graphics card showing. Try removing both, and reboot computer

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