screen jerks leftright!

  theDarkness 00:52 07 Feb 2010

the screen slightly jolts left/right very fast, for a very small smount, just a couple pixels or so, for a split second- on the odd occassion (when im sober!) so i thought the monitor was showing signs of finally giving up. i bought it second hand around 2002, so its no doubt had alot of use. what i find odd however is that it only happens at 1024x768, as if I descrease, or even increase, the resolution, the movement usually goes away.

Perhaps its a driver problem, but im using the same drivers I always have done, and no new drivers have ever been released. Its only over the past yr that the movement has appeared, so another idea is that an installed program may be causing this issue if its not just the monitor getting old. how likely do you think that would be?

I know I should update to win 7 and a nice new widescreen flat monitor, and very soon, lol, but if anybody has had an old monitor die on them, id like to know if these are the typical signs that im seeing above! thanks

  theDarkness 13:21 01 Mar 2010

is it a 'dying monitor'?

  Technotiger 13:58 01 Mar 2010

I have no idea what might be causing the jolts, but I doubt very much indeed if it is a dying monitor. When monitors 'go' or are about to 'go', they usually show much more severe symptoms than that.

  theDarkness 17:32 01 Mar 2010

the connection seems ok, so im thinking some installation/update may mess with the graphics drivers/data in some way. its as bad as the system only switching on correctly a third of the time, as the very slight horizontal wobble of the screen (when fully sober ;) !) can also be "fixed" by reinstalling windows-then it starts up again after fully updating and installing all my main programs. my main programs consisting of not much more than photoshop and office. i will be saving up for a new system eventually, lol. im using sp3, but both problems were still around when i used sp2


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