screen image not centred - blank column on right .

  cranley 17:09 28 Jun 2003

I have recently loaded two games on my Dell dimension x450 running on Windows 98. the games are microsoft train simulator and Zoombinis mountain rescue. In both instances the screen iamge is not centered. i.e. part of the video image is off screen to the left with a blank area on the right of the screen. I have ecently updated my drivers to my video card which is a Riva Diamond Viper 16 MB TNT 2 . Strangely enough this does not happen on all programmes I load. I have tried changing the settings in control panel but to no effect. I wonder if anyone could advise me on possible next steps.

  Confab 17:51 28 Jun 2003

You migh be better off having a look or posting here click here They might be able to help


  DieSse 19:36 28 Jun 2003

You adjust the monitor using the controls on it.

Since in modern monitors these adjustments are stored seperately for each display configuration, it should not affect your regular picture.

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