screen goes yellow then back to clear

  Wendy 11:36 12 Aug 2008

My screen has begun to go yellow for a short period of time, then it goes back to normal again.
I'm using a desktop computer with a 'normal' bulky type monitor. It's AOC Spectrum 7Vir. I bought it new and have had it for a few years now.

My graphics card is Nvidia GEForce4 MX440. Had that for a few years also.

The computer has a NVidia chipset.

At first I wondered if this yellow thing might be caused by a virus or some dip in power?

Has anyone else had this worry?

  Simsy 11:39 12 Aug 2008

a dodgy cable connection.

I had/have exactly the same with a CRT monitor I have to use occassionally. A wiggle on the cable, at one end or the other usually rectifies things.

It's probably just one of the wires!

Hope this helps,



  Ditch999 12:58 12 Aug 2008

If the cables check out OK try the monitor with a different PC/laptop. Need to know if its the monitor or the PC.

  Wendy 19:59 12 Aug 2008

I tested the cable, which seems okay.
Then I connected a laptop to the monitor. The screen did seem yellow compared with the laptop screen, but I didn'tnotice the sudden 'dip,' in the colour change as I get when using the monitor with the desktop.

  DieSse 20:02 12 Aug 2008

It could be an internal fault in the monitor.

When it goes "yellow - slap the side smartly with the palm of your hand and see if corrects itself.

Faults like this are not uncommon in CRT monitors - usually time to update to an LCD screen.

It might also be the graphics card though!

  Wendy 10:19 14 Aug 2008

Well I'll be blowed! I did just that - slapped the side of the monitor and yes it did correct itself!!

I think maybe I'll update to a new flat screen sometime soon.

In fact, maybe it's time to update the computer as well as it is pretty old and the new ones seem a lot more whizzy now.

Thanks everyone for the help, it is really appreciated.

Many thanks

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