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Screen Goes Blank Every So Often

  Anon-2454654 16:39 06 Dec 2019

Can anyone tell me why my screen on my laptop (Acer Aspire E15 Windows 10) goes blank every so often when surfing the web. The screen will go completely white and then come back again on its own which is fine if I am just for example browsing for things to buy or to look at forums ect..,but It's especially annoying though when playing online games as during game play it sometimes does it and causes me to often lose the game (8 ball Pool) I can refresh the screen by pressing F5 and if I am lucky I can pick up where I last was but other times I have to start a new match all over again. I keep everything updated and run programs to clean cookies and malware ect... but nothing seems to help. I have even tried to do some test on the hardware but so far it all seems okay (I think anyhow). Please help as I have run out of ideas and this has been happening for months !!!

  Anon-319210 17:30 07 Dec 2019

I keep everything updated

goes that include drivers for graphics?

  Anon-2445101 17:38 07 Dec 2019

Something else to try is running the laptop using an Ethernet cable with wi-fi off. Both Wlan drivers and/or gpu drivers can be culprits but if it continues when using Ethernet then the wi-fi driver is eliminated as an issue.

  Anon-2454654 12:31 08 Dec 2019

Yes I updated the graphics card too. I could try that with the Ethernet net cable and see what happens I guess. Thanks for the help so far guys btw.

  Anon-309836 19:58 09 Dec 2019

Could it be the ribbon cable connecting the screen to the mother board?

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