Screen getting darker!

  golfpro 03:43 13 Jun 2010

Over the last couple of months the screen my Acer laptop (travelmate 5720), has got darker and darker. The keyboard buttons don't seem to work, so is there another way to get it brighter.

  golfpro 06:11 13 Jun 2010

I forgot to mention I am running Win 7 after doing a clean install over Vista.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:34 13 Jun 2010

click here

Is it OK in BIOS or DOS mode?

  golfpro 11:00 13 Jun 2010

Is it OK in BIOS or DOS mode?

Don't know haven't tried it don't know how to get into them. I can't find a hole for a mini lamp anywhere on the Acer. There was a mobility centre on the Vista OS which went when I installed Wind 7, that had a brightness control, I have looked for the same thing on here but can not find it. But why do the FN keyboard coupled with the brightness buttons not function they on the volume and other things.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 13 Jun 2010

Read this click here

  mooly 19:52 13 Jun 2010

I suspect you need Acer launch manager installed for the brightness keys (and all the special function keys such as volume etc) to work.
Have a look on the Acer support site for W7 drivers and applications for your model.

Also have you got the correct W7 video driver installed ? You may well have brightness controls plus other settings if you can access your video driver control panel, access to which is via what was just called control panel in Vista. Look for you graphics card manufacturer name there or similar.

  golfpro 07:18 14 Jun 2010

That's very interesting Fruit Bat /\0/\, I shall give it a try. Also thanks for all your replies.

  golfpro 07:05 15 Jun 2010

Fruit Bat /\0/\ re the link you sent me regarding this thread, I have tried it with the Acer but the bios menus don't list changing the brightness from automatic to manual. So that's out. I see the guy who wrote it did it on a Samsung NC10 maybe that's why.

  mooly 07:20 15 Jun 2010

Have you got the Acer launch manager installed ? or whatever it might be called in W7

This is the only way the PC "knows" what to do with the function keys... it needs this application to tell it.

With you saying you did a clean install over Vista means you won't have any of these installed. How did you get your W7 video driver... have you just let W7 install it's own ?

  golfpro 08:40 15 Jun 2010

I did a clean install over Vista (German version) and installed an English version of W7 bought from Amazon, this was a full program and I just let it run to the end after doing a back-up.
"With you saying you did a clean install over Vista means you won't have any of these installed. How did you get your W7 video driver... have you just let W7 install it's own ?" W7 install checks all these settings on install so I guessed that was OK. I will have a look about the Acer launch manager the are a few downloads on the net.

  mooly 12:14 15 Jun 2010

Notebook drivers tend to be unique and the ones Microsoft offer may well be little more than generic drivers... this was certainly the case with Vista and my Acer Aspire.

Just had a quick look at Acer site and can't see W7 support for your model. You might find the Vista drivers work OK though.

Found this... no idea how reputable or where the drivers come from in the first place.

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