Screen freezes on bank account log in

  ian3 13:18 27 Feb 2006

I bring up Internet bank home page but screen hangs half way through log-in. Tried on two pc's - same result. Other bank accounts and internet sites are no problem, even this banks sites, so only the one logging in page problem. I noted that when logging in, a small window flashes in bottom right of screen and I can glimpse a heading ABO. Have tried Spybot, Adaware and Defender. Also have full pro AVC and Zone Alarm.
Running XP updated.

Would appreciate any thoughts, can't have money locked away!


  CLONNEN 13:37 27 Feb 2006

Have you tried a different browser?

I can't log into my Capital One credit card account unless I use Opera (Internet Explorer can't even get the homepage to show itself)

  ian3 13:53 27 Feb 2006

Hi Clonnen

No, I just use IE and it only started happening just over a week ago, until then it has operated without any hitches for over two years. The little window which flashes as I try to log on has me really worried since the whole episode smacks of a bug just blocking the one page. The site was down when this problem started but Cahoot claim it's now OK and my Son confirms he has no problem with his account from his own pc.
However Cahoot are worse than useless in terms of assistance even on threat of closing the account.


  johnnyrocker 14:33 27 Feb 2006

do you have a pop up blocker? try holding ctrl when accessing the page, try also clearing out temp i/net files/cookies


  ian3 15:06 27 Feb 2006

thanks for your response johnnyrocker

I disabled the pop up blocker and with and without tried to access holding ctrl down after deleting the temp internet files but no success. I also earlier at Cahoots request even disabled the firewall but that likewise didn't work.


  ian3 10:04 28 Feb 2006

Pleased to inform you that after giving Cahoot a really good rollocking last night, miraculously overnight everything is back to normal but they will not admit to a problem even though one was published in the Press 10 days ago.

Cheers and thanks guys.


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