screen freezes all the time

  ole1999 17:33 12 Jun 2006

Hi guys

My screen has started to freeze as i surf the net, everything just seems to stick and when i start typing it has a few seconds delay, i don't see what i am typing until a few seconds later.

Everything else when i am not surfing is as normal, no delay etc, just when i start browsing the problem occurs, i have run virus and adware etc and nothing shows up as a problem, just everything is sticking. When i log off it is fine, but after a few minutes it starts all over again. I am running xp

Any help would be appreciated.

  johndrew 18:52 12 Jun 2006

Are there any other symptoms associated with the freezing, such as an unusual noise?

  ole1999 19:21 12 Jun 2006

no noise at all, but i do keep getting 'timed out' when i try and log on with bt browser.


  woodchip 19:36 12 Jun 2006

Check you have the latest Graphics Drivers loaded for your Card

  GaT7 19:42 12 Jun 2006

Does this also happen with another (non-IE) browser like Firefox click here or Opera click here? G

  ole1999 20:05 12 Jun 2006

Hi guys

I can't even get into my bt yahoo browser, keeps saying 'timed out', so i am using firefox at the moment and it seems to be surfing fine, fingers crossed.

  GaT7 20:10 12 Jun 2006

Try an IE repair click here or click here. G

  ole1999 22:21 12 Jun 2006

Thanks for the replies guys, i will stick with firefox for a few days and see how it goes.

Thanks for the help much appreciated.

  terryf 22:25 12 Jun 2006

try the firefox extensions called Colorful Tabs and FasterFox. I like the coloured tabs

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