Screen freezes

  richierich 09:02 31 Aug 2003

Every now and then, usually on internet the screen and mouse pointer just freezes up. Nothing will work, cont-alt-delete doesnt work. Just have to restart. It also happens sometimes when working on Excel document.
System is 1.3 celeron 256 Mb ram, 120GB hard disk, win2000 pro, any suggestions please.

  howard60 09:17 31 Aug 2003

to be a case of some nasty prog hanging onto memory and thereby leaving you with not enough to work on. Buy another 256Mb ram or find out what is loading that you do not need. 512Mb seems to me the best no. to go for.

  richierich 13:55 31 Aug 2003

I camt see anything else running in task manager but i presume other things are still running, ie norton AV is supposed to be running all the time. I thought 256mb ram should be adequate ( i know not much by todays standard new PC) but naybe Ill stick some more in to see. Although I run a laptop with same programmes also with win2000 pro and only 128 ram and that never freezes although it is slow though.

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