Screen freeze.

  scolley 22:55 31 May 2007

Everone, im new to this forum and site, wonder if any one can Help? over the past 10 days or so my pc keeps freezing and i have to turn off at tower, this happens after the pc as been on from anything from 2hours up 6 hours, i only got this problem when i installed a wireless key board and opical mouse,? but having said that when i reverted to my old wire mouse it happened also, many thanks for listening,

  johnnyrocker 22:59 31 May 2007

in order to be able to offer more help it is important for forum members to have more information like your os any progs recently installed, any other activies prior to the problem?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:07 31 May 2007

FReeezing PC

1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

2. PSU voltages

3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here

5. virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

6. driver conflicts especially grahics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

  birdface 23:16 31 May 2007

A lot of folk with the same problem use Zone Alarm Firewall,If running it make sure that it is the latest version,And you have it configured to run your set up properly.

  scolley 01:08 01 Jun 2007

thank for taking a look i will cheack out wwhat adive i have benn given and let you know how i get on thanks buteman,fruit batand johnnyrocker have just downloaed the ad -aware Se PERSONAL FROM lavasft, which is best to do first with it all scan or custom, and does any one else use it to good effect,

  scolley 20:27 01 Jun 2007

thanks buteman dont use zone alarm firewall, so can rule that out, did have Pc Gaurd from Virgin but got rid of that too due to the rb17,tmp,s it was leaving in my recycle bin, which left me with out an antispyware program, i use AVG for anti virus, i using windowa XP home pack 2,

Fruitbat, cheers i have about 2months ago changed my memory from 768 to 1024, we are not getting power surges, so thats ruled out, as far as blocked fans do i need to get some sort of soft brush and then hoover it out, of cause being so careful, and could you please tell me if trying memtest, is safe, and what is the best way to use Lava soft ad-ware SE Personal,
cheers all,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 01 Jun 2007

memtest perfectly safe will find out if you have a bad memoru module.

Yes soft brush and hoover from approx s inches away will be fine.

How to use Adaware

One of the most popular spyware-combat tools on the market is the free Ad-Aware, It's a powerful program capable of dealing with many of the newest, most serious threats.

Step 1: Stay up to date
Like most antispyware utilities, Ad-Aware works by comparing your PC's contents with a database of known malware. Before you scan your PC for problems, you should make sure your copy of Ad-Aware is equipped with the most up-to-date database. From the main interface, you can click the globe icon in the upper-right corner, or you can simply click the link that says "Check for updates now". You'll have to connect to the publisher's server and hit OK a couple of times, but the process goes quickly.
You can also configure Ad-Aware to regularly prompt you to update its spyware definitions. To do so, click the gear-shape button at the top of the main window. The General Settings tab contains a Definitions section, where you can enter the maximum number of days that should pass before the program asks you to update it.

Step 2: Start the spyware scan
Ad-Aware offers two main scanning options: a quicker smart scan and a more thorough full-system scan. If you've never used the program before or suspect your PC is jam-packed with malevolent software, you should opt for the deep-scan mode. Click the Scan Now button on the program's left side, mark the box that reads "Perform full system scan", then hit the Next icon. The scanning process will probably take a while--especially if you keep a lot of files on your computer--so you might want to step away for a breath of fresh air. The next time you use program, you can safely go with the faster smart scan option, which is still very effective.

Step 3: Remove the intruders
Once Ad-Aware has finished scanning your computer for spyware, a summary screen appears, which shows you the amount and type of threats the program detected. Ad-Aware categorizes its findings as either critical or negligible; clearly, you should focus your attention on the Critical Objects tab. There, you'll see what kinds of nefarious modules and Registry keys Ad-Aware found on your machine. The app will tell you the names of all the malicious components and what kinds of spyware they are, as well as show you the physical location of each threat on your PC. If you right-click the check box next to any entry on the list, a rather lengthy menu will pop up. Scroll about halfway down and choose the option "Select all objects". Click the Next icon, then hit OK in the pop-up box. The amount of time it takes Ad-Aware to complete the removal process depends on how much malware is on your machine, but the app will notify you when it has finished cleaning out your computer.

Step 4: Optimize scan times
As noted above, Ad-Aware's scan times can be quite lengthy if you have a large hard drive with many files. However, you can take a couple of steps to make future scans more efficient. The program searches for cookies and categorizes them as Critical Objects, even though they don't pose a real threat to your security. You can decrease scan times by configuring the program to ignore cookies. From the Scanning Results screen, find the cookies (near the bottom of the list) and mark the check boxes next to their names. Right-click one of the selected cookies, then scroll down the context menu and choose Add Selected to Ignore List. The next time you scan your machine, Ad-Aware won't include those cookies in its results.

Similarly, you can have the program ignore certain drives on your computer, such as your CD or floppy drive. When selecting a scan mode, check the radio button labeled "Use custom scanning options", then click the Customize link. Under the Drives, Folders & Files heading, click the link next to the Windows folder icon labeled "Select drives & folders to scan". From there, you can choose which drives to scan or ignore by simply checking and unchecking boxes.

  scolley 21:10 01 Jun 2007

Fruit bat am off to do all your advice and then will find out how much i have in my PC, cheers will let you know what i find, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  scolley 21:51 01 Jun 2007

Fruit bat found 230 critical ones like you said mainly cookies, things but i still ticked them all and pressed next have i done wrong here, thay have gone in to quarantine, do i now delete them, ??
cheers again

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