Screen Flickering

  roders 18:49 19 Jan 2003
  roders 18:49 19 Jan 2003

in the last week my monitor has started to flicker. It has a flicker fit for about 10 seconds then stops, then flickers again. This is highly annoying. Ive unistalled graphic drivers and reinstalled new ones, yet still flickers. ive checked all connections, power suppliers and made sure there's no speakers next to it or magnetic sources that could interfier with it. Ive also messed about with refresh rates, but no joy.

Spec:- windows xp, geoforce 3 card, compaq mv940 montior(the monitor is only under a year old)

Any help would be appreciated

  Djohn 18:56 19 Jan 2003

Look for mobile phones/desk lamps (The one's with transformers in), also metal framing near your monitor can cause flicker, if it has been magnetised, if using a cordless mouse make sure the receiver is not too close to the monitor.

Also are you sure it is a flicker and not moire patterns as they tend to come and go in short cycles.

  roders 19:06 19 Jan 2003

ive tried all what youve stated. its definatley a flicker. its at both sides of the screen. i havent moved anything at all. its as its been since i can remember

  Djohn 19:17 19 Jan 2003

roders it's most unusual to have a flicker at both sides of the screen, unless you have speakers either side. Moire patterns can be at both sides as I said above.

Set your refresh to optimal on your graphics card and try different resolutions, depending on the size of your monitor, try 12x10 11x8 and 10x8, if it is moire, then at one or more of the resolutions it will disappear.

  Djohn 19:20 19 Jan 2003

PS the correct settings for above are: 800x600

1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024.

  roders 19:27 19 Jan 2003

treied all above and still the same. i just dont know what it can be

  Djohn 19:30 19 Jan 2003

Erm! got me stuck as well, don't worry though someone in the forum will have the answer. J.

  roders 19:31 19 Jan 2003

cheers for trying though

  hgrock 19:31 19 Jan 2003

I think it's your video card, check to see that you have the latest driver, use the xp driver if there is one, or change the card

  Rtus 20:06 19 Jan 2003

Does the flicker occur as cold start or after running a while.? How old is the monitor..wheres it sighted?

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