Screen flicker when watching videos/playing games

  RuzzaHuzza 12:27 29 Jan 2017


so i have been having some problems the past few days. The screen will start flickering after a while (on both monitors) and sometimes it would result in a blue screen. I already tried uninstalling amd drivers and reinstalling the new ones (i do still see a lot of AMD maps even when i used their clean uninstaller, dont know if this matters though). I tested both RAM's individually (still crashes), I took out the video card, cleaned it with air duster, and put it back in.

This is the screen i get : click here you can see the top part of the screen isn't even on this picture as it keeps flashing and flickering on the top part here. (it flickers everywhere on the screen when i watch a video or play a game)

This is the message I receive after it reboots : click here card: r9 290 Motherboard: asus p8h61 Processor: i5 2500 @3.30 GHz

I just found this : click here idea what it is but could this cause these kind of problems or had my graphics card just died?

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Video No

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