screen faults after uninstalling service pack 2...

  thog 23:10 18 Sep 2005

I've got XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 2500. After downloading Service Pack 2 I kept getting booted off internet (I'm using AOL), so I uninstalled it and that did indeed stop me getting booted. But after restart my laptop kept saying Found New Hardware over and over for Intel(r) AIM Flat Panel Driver 1, then 2, & kept going 'till it got to 7. Then same thing for TV Decoders, I did manange to install a few of them but some I couldn't sort. Have also had missing file messages (adv09nt5.dll and i81xntS.sys), think I did manange to put sys file back on it. Anyway the symptons of my fault are a screen where reds now look almost black and any white areas on screen start flickering with green lines & streaks. Am sick of so called free fixes that are only free downloads but you have buy stuff to get anywhere, have tried Dell website but dont think I'm downloading the right stuff. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

  PA28 09:00 19 Sep 2005

Sounds like a right mess. Can you start up in safe mode (F8 on boot - select safe mode) and have a look in Device Manager under monitors. See what you have listed. Also check your system files (run>sfc \scannow) and see what's what here. Report back and see what we can do (a complete reinstall comes to mind, but perhaps not yet!).

  johnnyrocker 10:12 19 Sep 2005

i think the most likely solution for you is to system restore back to prior install of sp2


  thog 19:10 19 Sep 2005

Thanks I will give that a go. By the way I have already reinstalled XP, TWICE! The first time it said a couple of times that it needed a missing file, I managed to give it one of them that I found on the Dell operating system CD that came with it years ago, but thats Windows 2000 Dell CD so the drivers might not be right for XP. It was the exact file name match though so it must of been ok. Also- I had Restore feature turned off (a bad habit from when I had computers with only around 4Gb hard drive) or I would of tried that first, needless to say it is always ON now.

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