screen fault, vertical yellow line one pixel thick

  logrin 16:36 24 Oct 2009

I have suddenly got a vertical yellow line on my laptop screen. It is one pixel thick and about a third of the way from the left hand edge .. How can I get rid of it without reloading Windows XP and losing all my work and files. logrin

  mooly 17:40 24 Oct 2009

It may also be a hardware problem...
You could always try re installing the graphics driver.
If you boot into safe mode or access the BIOS is the line still there ?

  Pineman100 19:37 24 Oct 2009

Good suggestions from mooly above.

A couple of other things to try if they don't work:

1. Shut down. Switch off the power supply to the screen completely and leave it for a few minutes. Then switch on and start up.

2. Has the screen got a menu setting for something like "Restore factory defaults"? If so, try that.

3. Try the screen on a different computer. Does it show the same problem? If so, it's a probably a fault in the screen.

4. Try a different screen on your computer. Does it show the same problem? If so, it's probably a fault in your graphics card.

  woodchip 19:41 24 Oct 2009

I can tell you now, it means a new screen. see my post click here
I have TV like that but it does go away as it warms up

  woodchip 19:45 24 Oct 2009

PS its the Connection that runs across the screen that comes away from terminals. Looked in Google and With a TV there is more room for manovering things. He took the screen partly apart and fitted a bit of foam at the back so it would apply pressure to the connection

  CurlyWhirly 09:50 25 Oct 2009

I don't have a laptop (only a desktop) but on my TFT monitor, I also get a red line at boot-up but this *always* goes away after the monitor has warmed up.

This red line is only about 1mm in width and is on the right hand side of my screen and goes from the bottom of the screen to the top.

I never used to get it when the monitor was brand new but I'm not worried as my Dell monitor comes with a 3 year on-site warranty!

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